“The art of the police is not to see what it is useless that it should see.”

July 13, 2007 at 1:13 am (Driving, Police)

So last weekend I spent an evening at the border. As designated driver,  I wasn’t drinking.  This has nothing to do with legalities (how can you be done for drink driving in a dry country?) it’s simply that I don’t drink and drive. No lectures (this is a lie, I’ll sound off to anyone who so much looks at lambrini when they have the car) it’s just my choice.

Knowing I was sober,  makes me sure what happened on the way home was both real and surreal.
We pulled up at some traffic lights and the car next to me was a police car. I looked over and caught the eye of the passenger, who smiled. I smiled back, then he waved, so I waved back. The I noticed the driver of the police car was wearing a motorbike helmet. In the car.

I understand I’m a relatively new driver but I’m not so bad that drivers in the surrounding areas need to wear crash helmets.


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