A truly great library contains something in it to offend everyone

April 9, 2007 at 10:57 am (librarians, libraries, Rubbish managers)

I have a whopping great budget to spend on new stock as part of the renovation of the library. I have spent some time setting up suppliers and writing policies regarding the selection of stock, and the weeding of existing stock and have started to order. My boss has no idea about this. I know this because I arrived at work this morning to this e-mail from him

“I was rather disappointed to hear from the bursar that you had only spent about $15,000 dollars. Can we talk about this please? Can you come to the meeting with a plan?”

Had the man been able to read a spreadsheet, he would have realised that we have a number of orders which have been placed but which we have not yet been invoiced. Short of me going to the suppliers in person and ringing the stuff up on the till, I cannot make them invoice any faster, especially as the school will not put me down as contact name for the orders. Instead they put down the head of maintenance, for all orders, so when I try and chase things up I get a “I have already spoken to Mr. Eddee about this La” and no further information.

As for the $15,000, he has made that up. I have actually spent $58,477.92 from the– New Library materials budget and have completely spent the Information centre budget of $25,000, well actually I have spent $2,000 more that we have from that budget – that he would be justified in telling me off about but not for spending too little.

Firstly, my boss knows nothing about running a library, nothing. His suggestion is that I buy some books. I am reassured he also offers the counsellor equally valid advice (“Have you tried talking to her?” )  Secondly I am fuming as I feel he’s brought my professional judgement into question, thirdly I am furious that he felt it was Ok to tell me off via e-mail copying in three other people and finally I am full of rightous indignation that he was wrong. He told me off and was wrong. I’ll take a telling off if I deserve it BUT HE WAS WAS WRONG.



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I have not yet begun to fight

April 8, 2007 at 11:02 am (Abandonment issues, Mowgli, Relocation)

Mowgli has spoken to his boss/manager/commanding officer/ whatever  and has told him of his intention to leave (1 year notice period) and looks like he’ll be spending the remainder of his contract in Singapore. That would be a different country then. He’s just told me and I know I should be pleased because he’s been hating his job but I’m disappointed. It was only supposed to be a fling but I’ve really enjoyed getting to know him and I don’t think we’ve been seeing each other long enough or know each other well enough to be able to carry this on long distance.

 He thinks we’ll be able to see each other more when he’s in Singapore than we do right now and he might have a point. I was supposed to see him this weekend and he didn’t get out of the jungle until this morning. He’s off to the UK – wasn’t supposed to be until the 27th it’s now been changed to the 10th. Now he gets sent off all over the place at a moments notice so we never get to plan things and every moment is snatched but deep down, I suspect it’ll fizzle out.

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