“I like these cold, gray winter days. Days like these let you savor a bad mood.”

February 9, 2007 at 4:49 pm (Cardigans, libraries, Pants)

Monsoon season has passed and there is now a distinct nip in the air (Is that politically correct to mention in South East Asia?) We are now down to the mid seventies. I have been reduced to wearing a cardigan and whining about the air conditioning. Luckily I have several cardigans (the uniform of librarians everywhere. It’s how we recognise each other) and  the maintenance men in school have been very understanding.

The temperature of the library is controlled centrally. I understand anyone reading this from the six inches of snow currently smothering the UK will have limited sympathy but even though the temperature outside here is in the high twenties, baby it’s cold inside. The air con is so high my nose is running.

After weeks of prolonged moaning, I got an e-mail from maintenance yesterday where they told me they “will be installing a temperature Control knob inside the Library within this week, so you can fiddle & adjust the temperature setting at your finger tip. Hope this will help a lot.”

I shouldn’t take the piss, after four months here I can still only say thank you in Bahasa Melayu (the local language) but I am loving the idea of having my own knob in the library that I can fiddle with. This appears to be killing two birds with one stone.

 I did hate to make a fuss about the air con but I’ll be buggered if I moved all the way to
Asia to still wear vests. Although I did stock up when I was back and have a rather nice selection being posted out to me. This will come as a welcome relief as the ones I had here were ironed by my amah. Who she thinks sees my vests is beyond me, well other than maintenance but that’s a whole other post completely.

Unfortunately along with ironing boards here which only have one setting which is knee height as standard (not as weird as it sounds, so are the Filipino amah’s) the irons only have one setting which is hot, hot, hot (in contrast to the washing machine which has one setting which is cold, cold, cold) Due to the fabric of my underwear and the heat of the iron they have now shrunk and they appear to be the right size for a Barbie doll.

Now if only I could arrange for my body to do the same I would no longer have to suffer the humiliation of going into a shop and asking the shop assistant if they have *anything* in my size? Giggle, giggle, stop dead, sad shake of head, no ma’am being the standard response.
Damn you tiny Asian women.


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