Drive me crazy

September 19, 2006 at 11:17 am (Driving)

I have discovered I definitely need to drive. Relying on lifts is fine and people are really generous but taxis are really expensive and really hard to get hold of. It’s probably like living in a small village. You can’t just step out and flag a car down. There is also virtually no public transport. The teachers here leave for work at half past six IN THE MORNING, so if I want a lift I have to be up and ready to go by then too. That’s fine but I don’t start work until nine so it means that I’m sat here for two hours before I need to be. It was dark when I got up last week! If I wanted to be getting up in the dark I would live in the UK. I told you, didn’t I that someone is looking into finding an English speaking driving instructor for me. Unfortunately I need to wait and get my IC card (which is just like an ID card). I have had a health check and all is back and fine. It’s to make sure you don’t have HIV, TB, bird flu etc. and you have to give some blood and they give you a chest x-ray. It bothers me to think I have come all the way to the Far East and there is still an obsession with my chest.


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